Sunday, April 13, 2008

Red Velvet Madness

For the past three years, my baking as become more than a *hobby* for me. I recently was reviewed on Yelp and since then I have been averaging at least 3 requests a week. Because I work a regular 9-5, sadly I am unable to accommodate every order. When I am able to help my fellow cupcakes lovers, 99% of the time the cupcake flavor request is Red Velvet.

Yesterday, I made the most PERFECT batch of cupcakes EVER. I think I discovered the technique for the best *muffin top*. While I would love to share this secret, I think that some things are best left unsaid. :)

I topped the cupcakes with a delicious Vanilla Buttercream and fondant flowers dusted with edible sparkle. Too bad you don't have a *taste button* on your keyboard.

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Janna said...

Super Cute fondant flowers. I have yet to try fondant or gum paste. I think I will enroll in a "teach me to decorate" class first.

I'm gonna add you to my fellow foodies on my blog.

stripeydots said...

These are cute! I'm intrigued that the pink color of the liners still showed thru after baking; mine always sticks to the cupcake and becomes translucent and so any pretty colors gets lost. Did you use greaseproof liners? Where did you get your liners, may I ask? Thanks much!

Miranda said...

Hi Amelia!

Thank you for your comment about the red velvets. The liners I used are by Martha Stewart and I purchased them at Michael's. They sellout fast so if I'm lucky enough to find them I buy them all :) The package comes with the following liners:

* Pink
* Pink w/white polka dots
* Brown
* Berry w/white polka dots

Good luck!

stripeydots said...

Thank you! I'll be heading to Mike's first thing in the morning '=)